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TRX Studio Line Bay Storage

Storage and Suspension Training systems begin with a single Bay and end where and when you need them to. Use Bays to support group studios, dynamic training areas, flexibility zones, or anywhere you need a little extra organization or functional training support. TRX Bays include optional mounted TV and/or self-guided exercise branding options for: mobility, functional training, upper body, lower body, and core.


TRX Studio Line Bay Storage

Bays are highly configurable and may be used for dedicated storage or combined with Suspension Training systems. Additionally, the Bi-Directional system is floor mounted and does not require a wall-based installation, which permits the ability for a freestanding configuration. Customize by selecting various Wall Bars and Pull-Up Bars or connect additional Bays and Bridges in support of unlimited training possibilities.

Product features: 

  • Single and multi-bay options

  • Interchangeable storage and Suspension Training configurations accommodating endless configuration possibilities

  • Quickly and easily change configurations based on spatial and training needs

  • Maximize space, organization and training capabilities anywhere