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TRX Pro4 Digi Camo


The TRX Pro4 “Digi Camo” is a “LIMITED EDITION” Suspension Trainer created to support Veterans Day promotion. We were able to secure a limited number of suspension trainers for Hong Kong!


TRX Pro 4 Digi Camo “LIMITED EDITION” Suspension Trainer

This TRX Pro Digi Camo 4 Suspension Trainer features the strongest, most durable Suspension Trainer we’ve ever built, a trainer-specific instructional video and workout cards to grow your business and get results for your clients.

TRX Pro 4 Digi Camo Suspension Trainer product features:

  • Durable and easy to clean anti microbial textured rubber handles
  • Adjustable foot cradles
  • Multiple anchoring solutions
  • Trainer Basic video
  • 8-week workout guide
  • Theft resistance locking carabiner
  • Ultra durable Dupont Kevlar
  • Ergonomic durable rubber handles
  • Revolutionary barrel lock adjustment

Included in TRX PRO 4 Digi Camo Suspension Trainer:

  • TRX Suspension Pro 4 Trainer (Digi Camo)
  • TRX Xtender
  • TRX Door Anchor
  • TRX Suspension Anchor
  • TRX Door Placard
  • TRX Wrist Band
  • TRX Mesh Carry Bag
  • TRX Wrench
  • TRX Pro Wristband